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Adventure School was started by a group of successful adventurers. As they grew older, they witnessed much of what they’d accomplished in their lives be undone. From this, the founders came to realize that their deeds in the world were temporary at best and chose to do something about it. They devoted the remainder of their lives to making something that would last by creating a school to instill their ideals into future generations of adventurers long after they were gone.

Many institutions saw Adventure School as a threat. The founders were from all walks of life and were trained in many ways by many different institutions. Various guilds and religious associations suspected them of passing proprietary and sacred knowledge on to uninitiated or rival guilds. There has been many attempts to steal the school’s artifacts, the most powerful of which is rumored to bind the school’s battle professors to the founders’ ideals. The school has repeatedly denied the existence of this artifact.

Adventure School has had to repeatedly defend itself politically, physically, and metaphysically. Most of the founders were forced to relinquish titles, holdings, large portions of their wealth, and for some, much more in order to see their vision realized. The school has always survived, if not entirely unscathed, but somehow never at the expense of their ideals.

The only group that openly supported the school was the Gerult merchant guild. The city of Gerult is an easy half days ride from Adventure School. The merchants viewed the school as a means to recruit trained adventurers accustomed to working with each other to ultimate effect. Many merchants believed the school gave them an advantage in their dealings by providing superior protection compared to the typical band of random nomadic thugs hired out of taverns. Time has proved this to be mostly true as merchants in Gerult appear quite profitable, with the most successful often paying a premium for Adventure School graduates.

The city of Gerult wasn’t initially cordial to the founders’ decision to base their school outside their walls. Its people were worried about any fallout the school might incur with other associations, but the school has always successfully sheltered Gerult from their conflicts. Over time Gerult and the surrounding countryside has come to rely on the school.

At just over 100 years old, Adventure School is a young institution compared with others. It’s seen fairly quick success thanks to the drive of some of its original founders.

There are no living founders that are taking an active role in the school’s management, but rumors exist that Werthwyn, an elvin sorceress, still lives and inhabits the upper floor of her tower in the inner keep.


The entire region around Gerult benefits from the school’s presence. Adventure School is well thought of by the citizens and public servants of the city and a close relationship exists between the two.

Similarly to the merchants of Gerult, the city itself has prospered from their relationship with Adventure School. They’ll often hire graduates as peace-keepers, as well as for special tasks either on a full-time basis or by contract.

Guilds and religious sects within Gerult have come to accept the presence of Adventure School either by working with the school or by tolerating them (or at least not openly opposing the school). Those that support the school have expanded their influence by extending or moving their services within the framework of the school. Most institutions that do this have opened a chapter within the school itself, agreeing to teach their beliefs and/or knowledge to all students interested while withholding their deepest secrets except to those students who pledge themselves.

These relationships have generally worked out well for both the institutions and the school, boosting membership to the institutions and broadening what the school has to offer.

Adventure School is still not well known outside of Gerult’s realm of influence other than a handful of relationships set up by some of the non-human founders with other races. Generally Adventure School graduates are viewed unfavorably by adventurers that know little about the school.


In matters of enrollment, the school tends to be expensive enough that only the wealthy can afford to send their kids there. This works out well for the merchants who have younger children who won’t be inheriting the business. For the poor, there are still options. The school gives out a certain number of scholarships each year, but they’re generally reserved for recruits. The school also offers a form of loan where it is agreed the school will do its best to train the child, but upon graduation they have to begin repaying their debt, or failing that, serve out some kind of term serving the school.

Scholarships for recruits are a particular matter. The school employs some of its graduates as recruiters whose job is to travel and find children of a particular quality and bring them to the school. In most cases, the children sought out are those that are born into their capabilities and have little choice in what they’re to become. The school learned that it’s these classes that are the rarest, and often the child either represses their abilities or comes across them unexpectedly. Such situations rarely work out in the child’s best interest, sometimes bringing ruin to their families, other times the child falls into the hands of those that would harness their powers for evil, or they end up shunning society to live lives of solitude leaving their gifts largely unrealized.

Occasionally a student finds a benefactor willing to pay their way through Adventure School. This tends to be frowned on by the school as more often then not the agreements are not in the child’s best interest and they’d be better off making arrangements with the school.

The school usually will not accept students past a certain age, but sometimes exceptions are made. Generally students are grouped by age as well as experience. So there might be a group of 10-year-old first years, as well as some 15-year-old first years. Generally children are grouped in a way where there’s not more than 3 years difference between any.

Attending Adventure School

While attending Adventure School, children are guided by the battle professors. The motivation of a child has a lot to do with whether or not they succeed. A lazy adventurer usually ends up as a dead adventurer.

Most students are exposed to as many aspects of adventuring as possible to help them decide, when possible, what class they want to be. They also help them determine where their skills lie through rigorous training. They are taught to use weapons and armor and classes are offered on strategy, outfitting, preparation, planning and any number of topics that an adventurer might find useful. Rather than letting their students find out everything the hard way, the school tries their best to prepare the students for what they’ll find in the world. And most of all, they test and challenge the students in ways that instill the founders’ ideals.

Students that the school’s battle professors detect evil in are usually watched closely and asked to leave if their ways don’t mend. But as the school’s goal is to fight evil, these children are only turned away as a last resort with every effort made to “fix” them.

Every spring those students demonstrating proficiency in the requirements of their class are eligible to graduate. The new graduates leave the school through Eschlin‘s Gate in a ceremony signifying their completion of the school’s teachings as well as accepting the founders’ charge to go out into the world and push back the encroaching evil. However, education doesn’t end with completion of the class requirements. Students may stay on to continue their studies or take on research roles working with battle professors. There are also many tasks the school will offer for new adventurers as well as lists of employment opportunities within Gerult.

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