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From the perspective of the people of Gerult, the land of Xhuxh could not be more foreign nor distant. Across the world, separated by vast, churning seas and dangerous lands lie the plains of Xhuxh. These endless grasslands are occasionally broken by wide rivers, thick baobab forests, steep hills, and herds of exotic beasts slowly lumbering after the seasons. A lack of carnivorous predators helped the Gnomes feel safe here after fleeing their home realm while the remoteness of the land protects them from the hostile armies of the world. It is at the heart of this land the Gnomes built their new home, Qytet.


Gnomes are typically a transient species which is partially what makes the City of Mbretkështjellë- Xhuxhqytet, commonly referred to as just Qytet, so unusual. Built atop a large hill the city is a labyrinth of platforms and bridges built around, between, and inside large and ancient baobab trees. The rooms and tunnels built inside these large trees often snake into underground caves and passageways linking the trees to mines leading deep into the dark underworld.

The King, Poolyskoolie IV, lives atop the largest tree, Fillor’dru, in the center of the city at the highest point on the hill. Although ruled by a Monarchy there is very little class difference and all denizens enjoy a high quality of life. In fact, many denizens see leadership as a necessary burden and are grateful to the King for undertaking this boring chore so their days are available for real interests: music, food, drink, dance, and general mischief.

Magic is commonplace, with animated rakes tilling small gardens beneath the baobabs, snow golems hauling ice to chilled caves in the winter for summer supply, and levitation often the preferred method for travelling to an adjacent tree – it’s definitely much quicker than guessing which maze of bridges will get you to your destination.

Although always welcome most other races avoid Qytet. The combination of a very remote location, the difficulty medium-sized creatures have maneuvering around the city, and the social awkwardness many races feel towards Gnomes make the magical city only attractive to the most desperate Human merchants. However, more eccentric Halflings and Elves occasionally discover it to be a wonderful place to visit and possibly live.

Norbert’s family, the Frathumblers, live in a smaller tree on the outskirts of Qytet, but their alchemical business often takes them to the Royal Laboratory located in a giant cave beneath the Fillor’dru. Time not spent in the laboratory takes them to surrounding forests, rivers, and plains looking for necessary reagents.

The Argjend Mines are located deep under the city. In the deepest tendrils of these mines the air turns foul and the filthy realm of the Goblins, Shpirt-I’keq-Ferr, begins. Gnome wizards often accompany miners to keep watch for lurking Greenskins and dispatch them with burning bolts of lightning. The Goblins usually pose little threat as they are stupid, poorly organized, and easily frightened away. However, occasionally, a natural leader will rise, organize the Goblin hordes, and deadly wars follow.

The head of Qytet’s Magic School, a Wizard named Ekspar and believed to be well over 500 years old, was a good friend to some of the founders of Adventure School and will, when circumstances arise, recommend young Gnomes to attend. Ekspar, and several other prominent members of the Magic School, maintain the city’s teleportation circle which allows rapid travel between distant lands.

Main Page

Norbert's Home Region

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