Adventure School


The students from Adventure School, after being inexplicably transported to an unfamiliar land, find themselves shipwrecked after trying to book passage to Eleder where they’d hoped to find some answers to what happened to them.

After waking up sick and confused the group is forced to fight off some opportunistic sea scorpions that thought they’d found an easy meal. Defeating them, the group sets to figuring out what’d happened to them. They determine that they were most likely poisoned by their last meal on the Jenivere as the last thing anyone remembers is eating that dinner. A person wearing boots dragged them to safety up the beach and left all their gear in a pile there. Their foot prints go back and forth between the water and where they were all laying several times. They look to the north and see what looks like the Jenivere slammed into some rocks along a cliff. The sickness wears off quickly and one of the gnomish passengers, Gelik Aberwhinge, relates what he knows about where they are.

I’m guessing this is Smuggler’s Shiv. I’ve heard a lot about this place if this is where we are. It’s notorious with captains and sailors for currents that suck in and wreck ships on its shores. I heard that this place is haunted by the ghosts and ghouls of dead sailors that died here, and that the remnants of some Chelish colonists were building a lighthouse on the southwest part of the island when something happened. Supposedly those colonists now scour this place for other shipwreck survivors to eat! There’s supposedly cannibals everywhere. We should GET OUT OF HERE!

A quick head count shows that none of the ship’s crew actually seems to be here. The captain and first mate are both missing as well as the lady scholar, Ieana, and the ship’s cook, Terillo, who’s cooking you don’t particularly miss.

As the day is getting uncomfortably hot, and the island’s insect life is making everyone miserable, it’s decided based on Gelik’s news that the group should establish some kind of camp. Food and water will probably be important in the days to come. The Jenivere probably has supplies the group could use. Fyrne estimates it’d probably take at least an hour to get to the cliffs near where the ship is wrecked. After the group has created a camp, it’s late afternoon and the group needs to make some decisions about what they’re going to do, how they’re going to manage the camp, etc. The other ship wreck victims don’t seem interested in much other than sitting around and recovering from the shock of becoming stranded.

All the NPCs can be considered as having the shaken condition. Aerys appears to still be sick. Gelik isn’t talking to anyone, uncharacteristic for the normally flamboyant gnome. Sasha and Ishirou have each carved out a section of the camp and also appear to be focusing on their own thoughts. Jask, the man in manacles, has pointed out he doesn’t have much chance for survival as long as he’s bound, he knows the key for his predicament is somewhere on the Jenivere in the Captain Kovack’s quarters. The two unconscious passengers appear stable but still haven’t woken by the time camp is made.

Things to know:

Your three biggest threats at the moment are security, disease and heat. The camp is a start on alleviating all of these issues. People taking on some roles will also help. There are 5 basic roles NPCs and PCs can take on. NPCs can not perform these roles if their morale drops below shaken. Anyone that takes on a role must spend the entire day fulfilling that role

Sets traps around camp and improves safety and defenses of the camp. Each defender in the camp will add 2d6 trap damage to split up over any wandering monsters or hostiles that attack the camp.

Raises the morale of the group and grants +2 bonus on Will checks for NPC morale.

Each guard reduces the chance of wandering monsters during the day or night in the camp

Each hunter can provide enough food and water for 8 creatures.

Each medic further reduces the chance for disease and improves overnight healing by an additional 2 HP.

Each day at sundown, you have a chance of contracting a disease such as mindfire or the red ache. These diseases do ability damage and will eventually leave you comatose unless you’re cured. The best way to avoid disease is to sleep in a shelter, keeping a campfire going, or have someone be a medic.

For about 3-4 hours during the middle of the day, the summer heat gets overpowering. Doing any type of physical activity during this time period will result in having to make DC15 fortitude saves against the heat or suffer 1d4 points of non-lethal damage. Wearing armor or heavy clothing gives you a -4 penalty to these roles. Characters with Survival may be able to use this skill to help with this save as well as lend their skill to others. Read up on Survival.

Back to School

After lashing the centipede on to Tabitha’s horse, and Battlemaster Durns sharing his horse with her, the group begins the trek back to Tabitha’s cottage. Along the way, Durns stops the group after noticing a set of tracks. After a brief hushed discussion with Tabitha, Durns heads off into the woods following the tracks. At this point Tabitha removes the giant centipede from her own horse and Tsyra unlashes it.

The group arrives at the cottage just as the storm begins to break. Inside they meet Battlemaster Jenna Till. The students question their teachers and find out that Jenna is a druid and Tabitha is a witch. Lily learns a little bit more about her parents as Tabitha apparently recognizes Lily’s mom’s name.

Later on in the evening Jeremy stumbles back in covered in blood and rather beat up looking. Tabitha fixes him up and everyone retires for the night. Norbert spends some time talking with Jenna’s wolf, Aster. He learns a bit more about the night’s events, they’re unusual this close to the school, but Aster still doesn’t seem all that worried.

The next morning they head back to school.

And time goes by… LEARNING MONTAGE!

Visit with Tabitha

After once again getting in trouble with Master Sarvis, the children head to the stables to be punished by Master Durns. Durns however has other plans, so instead he has them saddle up some mounts and join him on a trip out to the forest North of the school.

Along the way he attempts to show the children the basics of riding horses before arriving at a meadow with a two story cottage. There the students are introduced to Tabitha and they head further into the woods towards the mountains.

In the foot hills the group arrives at the base of a cliff where a cave is evident up the side. Durns reveals that the children are to climb the cliff in order to retrieve some mushrooms for Tabitha. Tsyra and Elias attempt the climb with some rope. Tsyra makes it but Elias gets unlucky in some loose scree and nearly falls to her death only to be saved by Tabitha who uses a levitate spell to stop his descent and allow him to float up to the entrance.

In the cave the kids find the mushrooms, but a giant centipede also finds them. Yelling down to Tabitha about the situation, Fyrne finds out that Tabitha would like the centipede alive. Tsyra steps up and wrestles the centipede to the floor and expertly renders it unconscious. It’s obvious she’s had some training and her cavalier attitude towards poisonous insects that are longer than she is tall is heartening. They tie the centipede up and lower it down to Tabitha who appears pleased.

Elias explores the rest of the cave and Norbert gathers up the flat capped bio-luminescent mushrooms and manages to come across some mineral components he can use to make a potion at some point.

First Day of School
First Day of School

Tsyra, Norbert, Lily, Fyrne, and Elias find themselves thrust together after being unfairly accosted by Deamis and his friends during orientation. Master Sarvis sends them on to Master Durns who has them muck out the stables before sending them on to their dorm where they meet Fil and Gina. Fil shows them to their room and Gina treats them to an excellent dinner. During said dinner they notice that Deamis shares the same dorm as they do and Norbert successfully determines which room he resides in. They also meet a nice boy named Gilbert who is roommates with the boys.

The next morning they wake up to find out none of the items they were suppose to receive from the school’s supply store were delivered.

Later that morning they attend their first melee class where they discover that Sarvis is their teacher. During the fight Wenda underhandedly sickens Tsyra and Norbert retaliates by turning her face blue. Sarvis uses this, and the fact they’re out of uniform, to send them to see Master Durns once again.

What will Master Durns make them do?


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