Adventure School

First Day of School

First Day of School

Tsyra, Norbert, Lily, Fyrne, and Elias find themselves thrust together after being unfairly accosted by Deamis and his friends during orientation. Master Sarvis sends them on to Master Durns who has them muck out the stables before sending them on to their dorm where they meet Fil and Gina. Fil shows them to their room and Gina treats them to an excellent dinner. During said dinner they notice that Deamis shares the same dorm as they do and Norbert successfully determines which room he resides in. They also meet a nice boy named Gilbert who is roommates with the boys.

The next morning they wake up to find out none of the items they were suppose to receive from the school’s supply store were delivered.

Later that morning they attend their first melee class where they discover that Sarvis is their teacher. During the fight Wenda underhandedly sickens Tsyra and Norbert retaliates by turning her face blue. Sarvis uses this, and the fact they’re out of uniform, to send them to see Master Durns once again.

What will Master Durns make them do?


2 + 2 = Buuhrr!

First Day of School

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