Adventure School

Back to School

After lashing the centipede on to Tabitha’s horse, and Battlemaster Durns sharing his horse with her, the group begins the trek back to Tabitha’s cottage. Along the way, Durns stops the group after noticing a set of tracks. After a brief hushed discussion with Tabitha, Durns heads off into the woods following the tracks. At this point Tabitha removes the giant centipede from her own horse and Tsyra unlashes it.

The group arrives at the cottage just as the storm begins to break. Inside they meet Battlemaster Jenna Till. The students question their teachers and find out that Jenna is a druid and Tabitha is a witch. Lily learns a little bit more about her parents as Tabitha apparently recognizes Lily’s mom’s name.

Later on in the evening Jeremy stumbles back in covered in blood and rather beat up looking. Tabitha fixes him up and everyone retires for the night. Norbert spends some time talking with Jenna’s wolf, Aster. He learns a bit more about the night’s events, they’re unusual this close to the school, but Aster still doesn’t seem all that worried.

The next morning they head back to school.

And time goes by… LEARNING MONTAGE!



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